We recognize that franchises often contribute greatly to their communities. And we know that some businesses have worked hard to have more than one location, and we don’t want to punish success.

But there is a point at which a business no longer qualifies as “local,” and putting it in the Go Local Directory would be unfair to the other businesses listed under that name. We are aiming to build up the little guy and gal!

With this in mind, we will allow a franchise into the directory if:

  •  It has fewer than 10 locations.
  •  All of the locations are in one or two states.
  •  The franchise owners reside in one of the states with those locations, and the owners are somehow directly involved in the work of the business.

There are some “gray areas,” such as hardware stores, which are part of distribution hubs and often take the names of those distribution hubs but are still typically locally owned. They would still qualify.

Then there are models such as insurance agents who operate under the name, rules and regs of a larger company. They would not qualify.

If you have questions about whether your business fits, please contact us.


Direct Sales

We know many women, and some men, find great satisfaction and a satisfying side income from direct sales (Tupperware, Thirty-One, Mary Kay, etc.). (Including one of the owners of Go Local!) Unfortunately, direct sales operations don’t fit under the umbrella of Go Local–they are bringing items from one central place and distributing those same items across many locations. The Go Local concept works in the opposite direction–people go to local stores to try out the flavor of that place, and to find items, or a collection of items, that they can’t find in other places.

This means direct sales operations can’t be listed. But we cheer on your endeavors, ladies and gentlemen!


What if I listed my business already?

If you purchased a paid listing but your business doesn’t qualify to be in the directory, we will take down the listing and refund your purchase price.