Consumers know what you do and maybe how you do it, but until you tell them, they don’t know why you do it.

Your “why” matters to your customers. It’s what makes their experience with you more than a transaction, and makes them loyal customers for many years to come.

We will help you tell your story to potential customers. Go Local’s professional storyteller spends a few hours with each ★Business, gets to know them and their business, takes photographs, and turns it all into an online marketing package that is sure to make an impact.

Your business’s story will be told online at, through our e-mail newsletter, and through Go Local’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat pages. Throughout your week as the Go Local ★Business, we will send our followers to our website, where they’ll encounter your story and photos, plus a link to your website and/or social media page(s).

This is your story, and we want you to share it. You will receive a copyright-free version of the article and all photographs we publish to use for your own future marketing purposes. We encourage you to share the story we write with your local newspaper and other media. All we ask is that a credit to Go Local be published with the content.

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